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Posté par il y a 3 ans
We adapted a little Epagneul Breton from the shelter in Muret at the end of September. She is called Molly and a really awesome dog but since three weeks she seemed to forget all her training which drives me a crazy. Also and this is what I'm a bit worried about she is eating her own pou during the night. Seems to be a new thing to secretly shit and pee inside during the night. Why secretly because she eats her shit afterwards. I found out because I caught her. I really don't know what to do anymore. I took some advice so I tried to give her a bit salt with the food - didn't work at all. Also she stated crying during the night and I'm to week to just ignore her after all she is still a little baby dog. If you could be so kind to help me that would be great.
Regards Paulin
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