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Why do cats like lasers?Comprendre son chat

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Posté par il y a 3 ans
According to animal behavioral specialists, a typical cat will engage in at least 8 to 10 ‘hunting expeditions’ a day. It goes the same for indoor cats who have no need to hunt.
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That’s why house cats can go crazy about laser pointer toys. But there’s one question that spoils the party: Are laser pointers bad for cats?
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Posté par il y a 3 ans
Hello. Excuse-me for m'y bas English. I have 2 young Cats who liké laser. We play often the evening with this. They like it.
Thé big danger us for their eyes, like for humains. You never must sens the laser un the direction on their eyes : there is a danger to become blond if the laser touch the eye.
I hope you can understand my texte.
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Posté par il y a 3 ans
As Miss Noireaute said, these laser pointers are very dangerous for eyes, human eyes as cats (or any other animal) eyes. Be careful when playing with them. Apart from that, I don't think there is any other disadvantage for your cats.
Cats (and dogs too !) like running after the red light because it moves very fast and they can never catch it ! As you say, they go crazy !
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