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New behaviour...pooping in his crate.Général

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Posté par il y a 1 an
Hi all.

We have a 1 year old German Shepherd mix breed dog. He is neutered and the vet confirmed he has no health issues. Ever since the snow came (about 3 weeks ago) his behaviour has changed and now he is pooping in his crate. Now, he is only in his crate when we are not home, or for bed time. The rest of the day he is out around the house. Ever since the snow came, every time we leave the house he poops in his crate. As well, he will go to the door and circle, his signal that he has to go out, but when we take him out he is so distracted by the snow he just rolls, plays and eats it. So we will be outside with him for 20 minutes and as soon as we come inside he either poops in the crate or just outside the crate. I've had enough and I don't know what to do. It ends up being 3-4 poops a day I have cleaned in the past 3 weeks. What can we do to correct this behaviour?
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Posté par il y a 1 an
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Posté par il y a 1 an
Please use french translater, our english is not very good and we can't give you a good answer, thank you.
Nb: this is a french chat group 😉
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Posté par il y a 1 an
It seems that your dog is too much distracted by the snow. He likes the snow, thus he does not think of doing poo when he is outside. To correct it, you should leave him outside longer. If he wants poo, he will poo after having played with the snow. That can set 30 minutes or the 1 hour, but he needs to discover it ;) when he will have discovered well, he will poo more quickly. It is quite new for him the snow, and that pleases him ! ;)

Sorry for m'y english, i try to do my best ;)
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