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Why is my cat acting weird all of a sudden?Général

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Posté par il y a 1 an
Our cat Tiger is about 1 1/2 years old. This past week he started acting different than usual. He has started insisting on sitting in odd places that are not his usual places and keeps going back to that spot no matter how many times I try to shoo him off of it. (The new favorite spot is on the arm of my chair and half way under the lamp, which is right where I keep my drink, book to read, and so on.) In the past he would be responsive when you told him no or shooed him from a spot. He's also started climbing on the kitchen counters and table. This hasn't been an issue the entire time we've had him. He has also started "calling" for us when he wants to jump down off of something part of the time. This morning I heard him meowing in the bedroom and when I went back, he was sitting on the edge of the bed looking like he wanted down (not a high bed). He has also gotten kind of obsessive about laying on something such as a piece of paper, a book bag, a plastic bag, etc. He's always done this a bit, but it's become much more pronounced. I'm wondering if he might be sick or something, but he's not acting sick in any other way, just really odd behavior for him. I know some of it sounds like typical cat behavior, but it was a pretty sudden change and my entire family has noticed it.
He weighs about 18 lbs., but he's not fat at all, just big. His mom is a stray cat that my mil found. He's at least twice as big as she is though. I really wonder if he might be part Bengal even though I know that would be highly unlikely. He looks like a gray/light brown tabby at first glance, but his "stripes" aren't connected so they are really more like long spots. He has spots all over his belly, totally black paws, and a black stripe down his back to the tip of his tail. He's pretty intelligent. It doesn't really matter to us if he is part Bengal or not. I just mention it in case it has any bearing on anything. He has been neutered for a year now. Thanks for any advice!
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Posté par il y a 1 an

You should ask this on an english speaking message board, would be easier to have answers :)

All you describe seems to be a "regular" cat behaviour, and it is normal your cat changes of behaviour while growing up. However, if you are worried, call your vet :)

I think you missuntderstand is meowing, which might be only an invitation to interract with him (playing / feeding / petting). The spot He likes is also a hint of his need of attention, he chose a place where you have to interract with him (even if it is to shooeing off, this is stil an interraction)

Do you make him play with you everyday ? Do you tire him enough ?
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