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This is how I make bone broth for my cats

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Posté par il y a 1 semaine
I had mentioned bone broth as a nourishing healing food for a sick kitty to someone in another thread and have had some requests for how I do it.

I make my cat's bone broth with her special Cornish hens. She has to have certified organic non-GMO Project Verified meat and I get her hens from a place out in Colorado, having them shipped (she is raw fed so they are used for meals, too).

I have also used a whole organic chicken, but she likes the Cornish hen broth better. Cornish hen is her favorite meat, which is why I order it special for her.

The first time I made it, I used one hen (about 1 1/2 pound bird) and cooked for 24 hours, in total. Since I was doing it on the stove I had to turn it off and refrigerate it over night, then take it out and restart it the next morning.

When it was finished not all of the bones were cooked down, I thought they were but when I strained it I found a few. But I did get a nice aspic.

I got 35 tablespoons, I portioned them out in ice cube trays to freeze, putting bits of meat on top. Every time I had to add water, I added ACV also (I use Bragg organic, with the mother, ACV).

The second time was also stove top, and I think I cooked it a bit longer, between the two days with the stopping over night. This batch had one full hen and the bones from another (after I cut the meat off for her raw meals) and I got twice as much broth, and the bones were almost completely disintegrated. Only some little bits left to strain out.

I don't remove the meat until is is actually falling off the bones, usually about 8 hours. I lift out the carcass and pull off all the meat, throwing the skin away at this point.

When it's all done, after it cools a bit I strain it out, and then pick over the straining to remove every shred of meat possible fur use.

I do remove the skin from the broth but I don't skim the fat. My cat can use the fat.

After they are frozen in the ice cube trays I store them in doubled freezer bags. Each day I remove one, put it in a glass Pyrex bowl with a lid and set it in a dish of hot water. When it thaws I take the meat and hand feed it to Mazy cat, shred by shred as a special bonding moment. Jennie and Queen Eva also each get a little shred, but it's really for Mazy cat. I use the warmed broth in place of water for that night's EZcomplete meal for Mazy cat. She loves it that way.

Because doing it on the stove top is so limiting I decided to buy an electric slow cooker. I couldn't find a slow cooker with a stainless steel cook pot so I ended up having to buy a pressure cooker that can also be used as a slow cooker. I bought the sold-separately glass lid to use with it. So now I use the slow cooker and just let it go for 24 hours or so, adding water and ACV as it cooks down low, mashing the bones as they become soft to help them along.

I have some pictures and a video to share, too.
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