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We recognize that male sex dolls are part of the rapid development of lifelike sex dolls pornography in the sex doll industry, currently accounting for about 10% of normal sales.


We stock the most convenient, handsome and bbw sex doll . Ranging from short (140 cm) to tall (180 cm), they have different attributes, including enviable muscle function, huge penis size and putter facial system. All of our same-sex sex dolls are fully capable of oral and anal sex, and they have hard penises...ready to wait for exercise!


Let's face it, life is very busy, traditional relationships are difficult to maintain, and loyalty is constantly being questioned. The unique thing about male love dolls is that you can make actual connections like any other date. mini sex doll allow you to gain intimacy without danger and heartache. In addition, with these female and male sex dolls, you will be able to pick out all the features you like! Blue eyes-ticking sound. Blond-ticking. Jeiro tattoo body-ticking sound. perfect!

Shop our selection of sexy male love dolls now, or browse more types of sex doll alternatives!

Our staff will handle everything for you! All of our gay sex dolls and girl sex dolls are free shipping and no tariffs. All that is left to do is to choose your male love doll partner.


Silicone is becoming the focus of banned producers. Historically, silicone sex dolls have been recognized for their ultra-durable houses and have a better life span than your cheap sex dolls . With the new competitive price, the cost is now not an issue for your silicone sex doll. They are also considered to be a more angular feeling, which is quickly becoming an obsolete problem. Time and time again, our staff were impressed by the feel of silicone.

The "standing feet" substitute provides threaded bolts for the bottom inside the anime sex doll toes, three for each foot, directly connected to the internal skeleton. In this way after the lifelike sex doll stands up, the burden is used and transferred to the bolt, rather than from the light flesh in the doll's toe.


Some sex dolls have a detachable vagina. The detachable vagina is usually a sleeve or a flesh-colored tube that you can insert and remove in the doll. The tube is fixed in the labia of the doll.
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Modération, pouvez-vous intervenir, svp ?
🎶I'm a catman! 🎵 "le savoir est dangereux lorsqu'on le met entre les mains d'un abruti." (moi, et j'assume)
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english traduction : are you sick or what? you are especially crazy ... please stop creating posts like this one
it is unacceptable
i will try to report abuse

en français : vous êtes malade ou quoi ? vous êtes particulièrement fou ... s'il vous plaît arrêtez de créer des messages comme celui-ci
c'est inadmissible
je vais essayer de signaler un abus
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Mydogs c'est une pub, ni plus ni moins.
Il n'y a que les imbéciles qui n'ont plus rien à apprendre.
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